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Oxidation of Ce(III) to Ce(IV) by Ozone in Nitric Acid Medium Using a Static Mixer: Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Validation

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posted on 07.09.2017, 00:00 by Sukhdeep Singh, Tessy Vincent, Ashok N. Bhaskarwar, Trushit Makwana
This paper deals with a cerium based redox chemical process which is employed to remove fixed radioactive contaminants from alpha bearing metallic surfaces, worldwide. Oxidation of cerium to its fourth valence state is a crucial step of this process. We present an inactive bench scale study to obtain the effect of various process parameters on conversion of Ce­(III) to Ce­(IV) by ozone in nitric acid medium, using an SMX type of static mixer. Two different mathematical models, one considering a simple semibatch mixed reactor configuration and another based on the concept of axial dispersion, were developed for predicting Ce­(III) conversions using the said static mixer, in a full recycle mode. Simulation results from the models matched fairly well to experimental data, with respective mean absolute percentage deviations of 21.1% and 17.4%, computed over all the parameters. An attempt to extend these models for other non-nuclear environmental applications is also described.