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Oxazoline-/Copper-Catalyzed Alkoxyl Radical Generation: Solvent-Switched to Access 3a,3a′-Bisfuroindoline and 3‑Alkoxyl Furoindoline

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journal contribution
posted on 09.08.2019, 18:05 by Hai Ren, Jun-Rong Song, Zhi-Yao Li, Wei-Dong Pan
We report the first example of oxazoline-/copper-catalyzed alcohol oxidation to generate the alkoxyl radical under additive-free conditions. The resulting alkoxyl radical addition to alkene enables useful C–O bond-forming and selective C­(sp3)–C­(sp3) radical–radical dimerization/radical-trapping reactions, providing direct access to the 3a,3a′-bisfuro­[2,3-b]­indoline scaffold for the first time and a wide range of 3-alkoxyl furoindolines with high efficiency.