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Overcurrent Electrodeposition of Fractal Plasmonic Black Gold with Broad-Band Absorption Properties for Excitation-Immune SERS

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posted on 02.04.2020, 18:40 by Renpeng Yu, Jingyu Wang, Mei Han, Mengyao Zhang, Pei Zeng, Weiqi Dang, Jianfang Liu, Zhilin Yang, Jiawen Hu, Zhongqun Tian
The dependence of plasmon resonance on the size, shape, and interparticle spacing of single, isolated nanostructures inherently limits their light-harvesting capability to a narrow spectral band. Here, we report a facile overcurrent electrodeposition strategy to prepare fractal plasmonic black gold (B-Au) with broad-band absorption properties (over 80% throughout the range of 300–1800 nm). The broad-band absorption properties are attributed to the excitation of multiple plasmons in the B-Au, which results in strong light–matter interaction over a broad-band spectral window. Consequently, the B-Au can produce strong broad-band surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) regardless of the excitation light used. These findings demonstrate that the fractal B-Au allows efficient utilization of broad spectral photons and opens up exciting opportunities for highly sensitive SERS detection, photocatalysis, and photovoltaic devices.