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Overall Structure Construction of an Intervertebral Disk Based on Highly Anisotropic Wood Hydrogel Composite Materials with Mechanical Matching and Buckling Buffering

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posted on 23.03.2021, 14:41 by Jinming Liu, Dingqian Wang, Yanyan Li, Ziqi Zhou, Dongyue Zhang, Jianshu Li, Hetao Chu
Natural intervertebral disks (IVDs) exhibit distinctive anisotropic mechanical support and dissipation performances due to their well-developed special microstructures. As the intact IVD structure degrades, the absence of function will lead to severe backache. However, the complete simulation for the characteristic structure and function of native IVD is unattainable using current methods. In this work, by overall construction of the two-phase structure of native IVD (extraction of the naturally aligned cellulose framework and in situ polymerization of the nanocomposite hydrogel), a complete wood framework IVD (WF-IVD) is manufactured containing elastic nanocomposite hydrogel-based nucleus pulposus (NP) and anisotropic wood cellulose hydrogel-based annulus fibrosus (AF). In addition to the imitation and construction of the natural structure, WF-IVD also achieves favorable mechanical matching and good biocompatibility and possesses unique mechanical buckling buffer characteristics owing to the aligned fiber bundles. This study offers a promising strategy for the mimicking and construction of complex native tissues.