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Outdoor Personal Thermal Management with Simultaneous Electricity Generation

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posted on 23.04.2021, 12:37 by Hao Luo, Yining Zhu, Ziquan Xu, Yu Hong, Pintu Ghosh, Sandeep Kaur, Mingbang Wu, Chenying Yang, Min Qiu, Qiang Li
Outdoor personal thermal comfort is of substantial significance to ameliorate the health conditions of pedestrian and outdoor laborer. However, the uncontrollable sunlight, substantial radiative loss, and intense temperature fluctuations in the outdoor environment present majestic challenges to outdoor personal thermal management. Here, we report an eco-friendly passive nanostructured textile which harvests energy from the sun and the outer space for optional localized heating and cooling. Compared to conventional heating/cooling textiles like black/white cotton, its heating/cooling mode enables a skin simulator temperature increase/decrease of 8.1 °C/6 °C, respectively, under sunlight exposure. Meanwhile, the temperature gradient created between the textile and human skin allows a continuous electricity generation with thermoelectric modules. Owing to the exceptional outdoor thermoregulation ability, this Janus textile is promising to help maintain a comfortable microclimate for individuals in outdoor environment and provide a platform for pervasive power generation.