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Oriented Nanosheet-Assembled CoNi-LDH Cages with Efficient Ion Diffusion for Quasi-Solid-State Hybrid Supercapacitors

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posted on 29.07.2021, 21:33 by Zixiao Li, Hongyu Mi, Fengjiao Guo, Chenchen Ji, Shixue He, Han Li, Jieshan Qiu
Fast-charged energy-storage technologies have become important nowadays as they are required by many applications, including automobiles. This inspires the exploitation of hybrid supercapacitors (HSCs) with the advantages of fast charge offered by the capacitor characters and high energy density from the property of battery technology. The challenges lay in the construction of advanced materials with high pseudocapacitive activity. Herein, a metal–organic framework derivative is utilized to address the problems. Specifically, polyhedral CoNi layered double hydroxide (CoNi-LDHx) cages assembled in the form of nanosheet arrays are prepared from ZIF-67 using a facile ion-exchange approach. Based on the control over the mass ratio of ZIF-67 to Ni salt, the optimal CoNi-LDH2 is attained. It exhibits ultrahigh capacities ranging from 1031.4 to 667.3 C g–1 under 1–25 A g–1, thanks to rich Faradaic active spots and the accelerated kinetics provided by the synergy between nanosheet arrays and the hollow structure. The CoNi-LDH2-based HSC with the gel electrolyte shares remarkable energy output of 49 Wh kg–1 and approving cyclability with almost no capacity decay after 12 000 cycles. This is an advancement vs many related studies and can arouse tremendous interests of researchers in solving the main problems of energy storage.