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Orientation-Dependent Soft Plasmonics of Gold Nanobipyramid Plasmene Nanosheets

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posted on 2020-12-18, 13:43 authored by Runfang Fu, Daniel E. Gómez, Qianqian Shi, Lim Wei Yap, Quanxia Lyu, Kaixuan Wang, Zijun Yong, Wenlong Cheng
In parallel to the burgeoning field of soft electronics, soft plasmonics focuses on the design and fabrication of plasmonic structures supported on elastomers and to understand how their properties respond to mechanical deformations. Here, we report on a partial ligand-stripping strategy to fabricate elastomer-supported gold nanobipyramid (NBP) plasmene nanosheets. Unlike spherelike building blocks, NBP-building blocks display complex orientation-dependent plasmonic responses to external strains. By collecting polarized plasmonic resonance spectra in conjunction with electrostatic eigenmode modeling, we reveal simultaneous changes in interparticle spacing and spatial orientations of NBP building blocks under mechanical strains. Such changes are directly related to initial NBP packing orders. Further analysis of strain sensitivities for various NBP plasmenes indicated that plasmonic spectra of ∼45° oriented samples are mostly susceptible to strain at acute polarized angles. The results presented may enable novel applications in future soft optoelectronic devices in sensing, encryption, and data storage.