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Organic/Fluorous Phase Extraction:  A New Tool for the Isolation of Organometallic Complexes

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posted on 26.03.1998, 00:00 by Nikolaos Spetseris, Sabine Hadida, Dennis P. Curran, Tara Y. Meyer
Strategies for isolating and purifying organometallic complexes are limited. The use of the unique solubility properties of fluorous reagents allows for purification by fluorous/organic phase extraction. An 85% yield of pure (Rfh)3SnCp* (1, Rfh = (CH2)2(CF2)5CF3) was isolated by filtration and extraction with FC-72 (fluorinated hexanes) of the reaction of (Rfh)3SnBr with Cp*Li. The reaction of 1 with TaCl5 and NbCl5 gave the alkylated products Cp*TaCl4 and Cp*NbCl4, respectively. These products were isolated from the reaction mixtures in good yields by simple extraction with a biphasic combination of FC-72 and a nonfluorinated solvent.