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Order–Disorder Transition in Doped Microgel Colloidal Crystals and Its Application for Optical Sensing

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posted on 2018-04-23, 12:19 authored by Siyu Jia, Zhuo Tang, Ying Guan, Yongjun Zhang
Hydrogel photonic crystal-based optical sensors usually can only be used as free-standing films. Here, a doped microgel colloidal crystal film was developed as glucose sensor, which exploits structural order–disorder transition, instead of change in lattice constant, to report an analyte. Changing glucose concentration induces a change in structural order degree in the crystal and hence a change in the intensity of the stop band, and thus reports glucose concentration in the media. The response is fast and reversible. As the overall swelling degree of the gel does not change, it can be used as substrate-attached film.