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Optical Tracking of Nanometer-Scale Cellular Membrane Deformation Associated with Single Vesicle Release

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posted on 06.08.2019, 17:40 by Fenni Zhang, Yan Guan, Yunze Yang, Ashley Hunt, Shaopeng Wang, Hong-Yuan Chen, Nongjian Tao
Exocytosis involves interactions between secretory vesicles and the plasma membrane. Studying the membrane response is thus critical to understand this important cellular process and to differentiate different mediator release patterns. Here we introduce a label-free optical imaging method to detect the vesicle–membrane-interaction-induced membrane deformation associated with single exocytosis in mast cells. We show that the plasma membrane expands by a few tens of nanometers accompanying each vesicle-release event, but the dynamics of the membrane deformation varies from cell to cell, which reflect different exocytosis processes. Combining the temporal and spatial information allows us to resolve complex vesicle-release processes, such as two vesicle-release events that occur closely in time and location. Simultaneous following a vesicle release with fluorescence and membrane deformation tracking further allows us to determine the propagation speed of the vesicle-release-induced membrane deformation along the cell surface, which has an average value of 5.2 ± 1.8 μm/s.