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One-step Synthesis of Fullerene Hydride C60H2 via Hydrolysis of Acylated Fullerenes

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posted on 07.08.2009, 00:00 authored by Manolis D. Tzirakis, Mariza N. Alberti, Leanne C. Nye, Thomas Drewello, Michael Orfanopoulos
The hitherto unexplored class of acylated fullerene compounds has been shown to be excellent C60H2 precursors. Upon a simple treatment with basic Al2O3, they are hydrolyzed quantitatively into C60H2. This key feature led to the development of a new, straightforward protocol for the selective synthesis of the simplest [60]fullerene hydride, C60H2. This protocol may offer an advantageous alternative to previously known methods for the synthesis of C60H2 allowing for a rapid access to C60H2 in good yield and high purity without tedious separating processes.