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One-Pot Regiospecific Synthesis of Quinoxalines via a CH2‑Extrusion Reaction

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posted on 2016-02-29, 16:04 authored by Jinhai Shen, Xiangdong Wang, Xing Lin, Zhenhui Yang, Guolin Cheng, Xiuling Cui
A convenient “one-pot” regiospecific synthesis of substituted quinoxalines from o-phenylenediamines and ynones under metal-free conditions has been developed. An intermolecular Michael addition reaction, a dehydration condensation, and a base-promoted C-α-CH2-extrusion were involved in this procedure, which features high regioselectivity, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Various quinoxalines were provided in up to 95% yield for 33 examples.