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One-Pot Multistep Reactions Based on Thiolactones: Extending the Realm of Thiol−Ene Chemistry in Polymer Synthesis

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posted on 16.02.2011, 00:00 by Pieter Espeel, Fabienne Goethals, Filip E. Du Prez
The in situ generation of thiols by nucleophilic ring-opening of a thiolactone with amines, followed by a UV-initiated radical thiol−ene reaction in a one-pot fashion, has been evaluated as an accelerated and versatile protocol for the synthesis of several types of polymeric architectures. After elaboration of a model amine−thiol−ene conjugation reaction, a number of routes based on readily available thiolactone-containing structures have been developed to successfully assemble functional, linear polymers and networks via a mild and facile radical photopolymerization process.