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One Building Block, Two Different Nanoporous Self-Assembled Monolayers: A Combined STM and Monte Carlo Study

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posted on 24.01.2012, 00:00 by Jinne Adisoejoso, Kazukuni Tahara, Shengbin Lei, Paweł Szabelski, Wojciech Rżysko, Koji Inukai, Matthew O. Blunt, Yoshito Tobe, Steven De Feyter
With the use of a single building block, two nanoporous patterns with nearly equal packing density can be formed upon self-assembly at a liquid–solid interface. Moreover, the formation of both of these porous networks can be selectively and homogenously induced by changing external parameters like solvent, concentration, and temperature. Finally, their porous properties are exploited to host up to three different guest molecules in a spatially resolved way.