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One-for-All Nanoplatform for Synergistic Mild Cascade-Potentiated Ultrasound Therapy Induced with Targeting Imaging-Guided Photothermal Therapy

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posted on 28.08.2020, 09:43 authored by Kai Cheng, Ruo-Yun Zhang, Xiao-Quan Yang, Xiao-Shuai Zhang, Fang Zhang, Jie An, Zhuo-Ya Wang, Ying Dong, Bo Liu, Yuan-Di Zhao, Tian-Cai Liu
Ameliorated therapy based on the tumor microenvironment is becoming increasingly popular, yet only a few methods have achieved wide recognition. Herein, targeting multifunctional hydrophilic nanomicelles, AgBiS2@DSPE-PEG2000-FA (ABS-FA), were obtained and employed for tumor treatment. In a cascade amplification mode, ABS-FA exhibited favorable properties of actively enhancing computed tomography/infrared (CT/IR) imaging and gently relieving ambient oxygen concentration by cooperative photothermal and sonodynamic therapy. Compared with traditional Bi2S3 nanoparticles, the CT imaging capability of the probe was augmented (43.21%), and the photothermal conversion efficiency was increased (33.1%). Furthermore, remarkable ultrasonic dynamic features of ABS-FA were observed, with increased generation of reactive oxygen species (24.3%) being obtained compared to Ce6, a commonly used sonosensitizer. Furthermore, ABS-FA exhibited obvious inhibitory effects on HeLa cell migration at 6 μg/mL, which to some extent, demonstrated its suppressive effect on tumor growth. A lower dose, laser and ultrasonic power, and shorter processing time endowed ABS-FA with excellent photothermal and sonodynamic effects. By mild cascade mode, the hypoxic condition of the tumor site was largely improved, and a suitable oxygen-rich environment was provided, thereby endowing ABS-FA with a superior synergistically enhanced treatment effect compared with the single-mode approach, which ultimately realized the purpose of “one injection, multiple treatment”. Moreover, our data showed that ABS-FA was given with a biological safety profile while harnessing in vivo. Taken together, as a synergistically enhanced medical diagnosis and treatment method, the one-for-all nanoplatform will pave a new avenue for further clinical applications.