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One-Pot Four-Component Assembling for Selenoureas

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posted on 10.12.2020, 05:05 by Lai Li, Jiaqi Wu, Linsha Wei, Jianmei Lu, Xuefeng Jiang
An efficient and practical method for the straightforward construction of unsymmetrical selenoureas and cycloselenoureas via the combination of selenium powder, chloroform, and two different amines was comprehensively achieved in one-pot with only the assistance of a base under mild conditions. Thirty-three new structures of unsymmetrical selenoureas including three chiral examples and eight cycloselenoureas were achieved. 1,1-Dimethyl-3-phenylselenourea II, which shows good fungicidal activity, was practically synthesized through this protocol in gram-scale. Isoselenocyanate was further confirmed as a key intermediate by control experiment.