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One-Pot CuI/DBU-Catalyzed Carboxylative Cyclization toward Oxazolidinones Using Recyclable Molecular Sieves as Efficient Promoters for Fixation of CO2 in Water Medium

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posted on 2020-10-13, 02:14 authored by Yu-Te Liu, Chi-Wei Cheng, Huan-Chang Lu, Ting-Yu Chang, Chun-Ying Chen, Hao-Chun Yang, Shih-Hsien Yu, Syeda Zehra, Shu-Hui Liu, Man-Kit Leung, Kwang-Ming Lee, Hsiu-Hui Chen
An efficient one-pot synthesis of oxazolidinones was developed through CuI/DBU/MS joint system-catalyzed carboxylative cyclization of arylacetylene, arylaldehyde, and arylamine in water medium under a 1 atm carbon dioxide (CO2) atmosphere. The 4 Å molecular sieves (MSs) were added to improve CO2 capture and facilitate carboxylation to give the products in high yields. The CuI/DBU/MS system is robust and highly effective for the reactions with different substrates, and some target products were obtained in an excellent yield of ∼96%, with no side products in the final step.