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On the Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of Tetramesityldigermene

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posted on 07.05.2020, 10:03 by Krysten L. Hurni, Paul A. Rupar, Nicholas C. Payne, Kim M. Baines
Tetramesityldigermene (1) can be synthesized cleanly and quantitatively by photolysis of hexamesitylcyclotrigermane (2) in THF at low temperature. A solution of tetramesityldigermene (1) in THF is stable for several weeks at room temperature; the digermene does not dissociate or rearrange. The molecular structure of tetramesityldigermene (1) has been determined using X-ray crystallography. The effectiveness of the new protocol for the synthesis of tetramesityldigermene (1) and its derivatives has been demonstrated in the study of the addition of carboxylic acids to tetramesityldigermene (1).