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On-Virus Construction of Polyvalent Glycan Ligands for Cell-Surface Receptors

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posted on 09.04.2008, 00:00 by Eiton Kaltgrad, Mary K. O'Reilly, Liang Liao, Shoufa Han, James C. Paulson, M. G. Finn
Glycans arrayed on the exterior of virus particles were used as substrates for glycosyltransferase reactions to build di- and trisaccharides from the virus surface. The resulting particles exhibited tight and specific associations with cognate receptors on beads and cells, in one example defeating in cis cell-surface interactions in a manner characteristic of polyvalent binding. Combined with the ability of viruses to provide structurally well-defined attachment points, the methodology provides a convenient and powerful way to prepare complex carbohydrate ligands for clustered receptors.