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On-Surface Synthesis with Atomic Hydrogen

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journal contribution
posted on 2020-09-15, 15:51 authored by Rafal Zuzak, Andrej Jančařík, Andre Gourdon, Marek Szymonski, Szymon Godlewski
Surface-assisted synthesis has become a powerful approach for generation of molecular nanostructures, which could not be obtained via traditional solution chemistry. Nowadays there is an intensive search for reactions that could proceed on flat surfaces in order to boost the versatility and applicability of synthesized nano-objects. Here we propose application of atomic hydrogen combined with on-surface synthesis in order to tune the reaction pathways. We demonstrate that atomic hydrogen could be widely applied: (1) as a cleaning tool, which allows removal of halogen residues from the surface after Ullmann couplings/polymerization, (2) by reaction with surface organometallics to provide stable hydrogenated species, and (3) as a reagent for debromination or desulfurization of adsorbed species.