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Omnidirectionally Stretchable Organic Transistors for Use in Wearable Electronics: Ensuring Overall Stretchability by Applying Nonstretchable Wrinkled Components

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posted on 08.07.2020, 18:35 by Giheon Choi, Seungtaek Oh, Cheulhwan Kim, Kanghuck Lee, Tae Kyu An, Jihoon Lee, Yunseok Jang, Hwa Sung Lee
With the emergence of wearable human interface technologies, new applications based on stretchable electronics, such as skin-attached sensors or wearable displays, must be developed. Difficulties associated with developing electronic components with the high stretchabilities required for such applications have restricted the range of appearance and utilization of cost- or process-efficient stretchable electronics. Herein, we present omnidirectionally stretchable wrinkled transistors having a shape that replicates human skin, which operates stably on deformable objects or complex surfaces. Our device offers excellent mechanical and electrical stabilities for preserving relative field-effect mobilities within a standard deviation of nearly 5.6%, under a strain level of up to 62%. Even after 10 000 cycles of stretching to 60% strain, the devices exhibited stable operation with little performance changes. These results indicate that the devices display stretchability properties superior to those of organic transistor arrays by utilizing existing nonstretchable device components.