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Olefin Cross-Metathesis as a Tool in Natural Product Degradation. The Stereochemistry of (+)-Falcarindiol

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journal contribution
posted on 27.11.2002, 00:00 by Anokha S. Ratnayake, Thomas Hemscheidt
There are conflicting reports in the literature concerning the absolute sterochemistry at C-3 of the common plant polyacetylene oxylipin (+)-falcarindiol. We have employed olefin cross-metathesis using Grubbs' second generation catalyst and ethylene gas to degrade falcarindiol to the symmetrical 1,9-decadiene-4,6-diyne-3,8-diol. The reaction is completely selective for net removal of the aliphatic side chain. Degradation of (+)-falcarindiol from Tetraplasandra hawaiiensis yields a meso product as shown by chiral HPLC. Hence, (+)-falcarindiol from this source has a (3R,8S)-configuration.