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Observation of the Bending Mode of Interfacial Water at Silica Surfaces by Near-Infrared Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy of the [Stretch + Bend] Combination Bands

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posted on 16.12.2015, 22:22 by Oleksandr Isaienko, Satoshi Nihonyanagi, Devika Sil, Eric Borguet
Vibrational sum-frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy of interfacial water at mineral/aqueous interfaces is extended to the near-IR range containing the low cross section stretch + bend combination bands (νcomb = νOH + δHOH) of liquid water at silica surfaces near 5000–5300 cm–1, for the first time. The assignments of SFG spectra are supported by FTIR and Raman spectroscopic measurements of the bulk water νcomb modes. The SFG spectra contain significant contributions from two combinations, [νs + δ] ≈ 5060 cm–1 and [νas + δ] ≈ 5300 cm–1. These measurements provide the first, to our knowledge, reported probe of the bending mode of water at buried interfaces. The data suggest that the interfacial water bending mode is blue-shifted from that of bulk water.