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Nucleation and Layer Closure Behavior of Iridium Films Grown Using Atomic Layer Deposition

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posted on 2023-07-13, 14:06 authored by Hong Keun Chung, Han Kim, Jihoon Jeon, Sung-Chul Kim, Sung Ok Won, Ryosuke Harada, Tomohiro Tsugawa, Yoon Jang Chung, Seung-Hyub Baek, Tae Joo Park, Seong Keun Kim
Understanding the initial growth process during atomic layer deposition (ALD) is essential for various applications employing ultrathin films. This study investigated the initial growth of ALD Ir films using tricarbonyl-(1,2,3-η)-1,2,3-tri(tert-butyl)-cyclopropenyl-iridium and O2. Isolated Ir nanoparticles were formed on the oxide surfaces during the initial growth stage, and their density and size were significantly influenced by the growth temperature and substrate surface, which strongly affected the precursor adsorption and surface diffusion of the adatoms. Higher-density and smaller nanoparticles were formed at high temperatures and on the Al2O3 surface, forming a continuous Ir film with a smaller thickness, resulting in a very smooth surface. These findings suggest that the initial growth behavior of the Ir films affects their surface roughness and continuity and that a comprehensive understanding of this behavior is necessary for the formation of continuous ultrathin metal films.