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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure of the Prohead RNA E-Loop Hairpin,

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posted on 27.07.2010, 00:00 by Steven Harris, Susan J. Schroeder
The Bacillus subtilis phage ϕ29 packaging motor requires prohead RNA for genome encapsidation. The nuclear magnetic resonance structure of the prohead RNA E-loop hairpin, r(5′AUUGAGUU), is presented and compared to predictions from MC-SYM. The prohead RNA E-loop hairpins contain sequences similar to rRNA hairpins. Comparison of predicted and experimentally determined prohead and ribosomal hairpin structures reveals that sequence similarity is a stronger determinant of hairpin structural similarity than grouping similar types of RNA. All the hairpins contain a U-turn motif but differ in the first noncanonical pair and backbone orientation. These structures provide benchmarks for further improvements in RNA structure predictions from sequence.