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Novel Heterobimetallic Coordination of the H2B(mt)2 Ligand:  The Complex [Mo(SnMe2Cl)(CO)3{μ-S3-H,S,S-H2B(mt)2}] (mt = methimazolyl)

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journal contribution
posted on 24.10.2005, 00:00 by Mark R. St.-J. Foreman, Anthony F. Hill, Matthew K. Smith, Never Tshabang
Molybdenum stannyl complexes ligated by poly(methimazolyl)borate ligands are accessible via complementary strategies involving oxidative addition of either Ph3Sn{HB(mt)3} (mt = methimazolyl) or [Me2Sn{H2B(mt)2}]Cl to molybdenum(0) precursors or alternatively via reactions of halostannanes with the salts Na[Mo(CO)3{HxB(mt)4-x}] (x = 1, 2). One example provides a novel complex in which the H2B(mt)2 ligand bridges both molybdenum and tin, thereby providing a model for an intermediate in the oxidative addition protocol.