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Novel Environmentally Friendly Waterborne Epoxy Coating with Long-Term Antiscaling and Anticorrosion Properties

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posted on 2021-07-27, 21:13 authored by Chijia Wang, Shupei Liu, Meiling Li, Zihua Wang, Hongxin Luo, Weihao Fan, Zhanjian Liu, Fatang Liu, Huaiyuan Wang
Metal pipes in industrial production are exposed to various corrosive ions. The combined action of these ions with oxygen in water causes corrosion and contamination of the metal pipes and equipment. In addition, metallic ions in water react with anions to form scale on the surface of the metal, which significantly reduces the service life of the metal and equipment, resulting in safety hazards. Waterborne coatings have attracted tremendous attention due to the less negative impact on the environment, but their practical applications are severely restricted by poor barrier properties and poor mechanical durability. Herein, the barrier properties of water-based coatings are successfully improved by adding functional slow-release nanofillers, and the fillers also endow the coating with excellent antiscaling properties. A functional slow-release nanofiller (lecithin/SiO2/HEDP) was prepared using HEDP (etidronic acid) as the scale inhibitor active material and SiO2 as the carrier, combined with a phospholipid membrane with slow-release permeability. With the addition of slow-release fillers, compared with the EP coating, the impedance modulus of composite coatings increases about 1 order of magnitude, the scale inhibition rate is as high as 80.7%, and the antiscaling life is double that of the coating without the phospholipid-coated filler. Thus, this study is expected to provide a new perspective for the preparation of new slow-release fillers and high-efficiency scale inhibitor coatings.