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Novel Cu-Based CHA/AFI Hybrid Crystal Structure Catalysts Synthesized for NH3‑SCR

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posted on 2019-09-19, 13:03 authored by Qingjin Lin, Shuhao Xu, Shuang Liu, Jingying Liu, Yun Wang, Dequan Chen, Haidi Xu, Yaoqiang Chen
Cu/SAPO-34/5 catalysts were prepared by a traditional hydrothermal/impregnation method to investigate the effect of SAPO-34/5 on deNOx performance over Cu/SAPO-34/5 (the proportion of SAPO-34/SAPO-5 calculated by its main diffraction peak intensity). These characteristic results prove the fact that the superior deNOx performance of Cu/SAPO-34/5(3.16) is due to its most abundant Brønsted (B) acid sites and active isolated Cu2+. A higher amount of B acid sites over SAPO-34/5(3.16) is better to disperse and stabilize the isolated Cu2+ species. Besides, kinetic analysis on as-synthesized Cu/SAPOs catalysts confirms that the hybrid crystal structure of SAPO-34/5 does not change the reaction mechanism for selective catalytic reduction with NH3 (NH3-SCR). This work provides a new route to synthesize a novel zeolite NH3-SCR catalyst for eliminating NOx emitted from diesel engines.