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Novel Carboxylated Pyrrole- and Carbazole-Based Monomers. Synthesis and Electro-Oxidation Features

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posted on 2006-11-24, 00:00 authored by Senthil Govindaraji, Philippe Nakache, Vered Marks, Zvika Pomerantz, Arie Zaban, Jean-Paul Lellouche
Carboxylated pyrrole (Pyr, a index)- and carbazole (Cbz, b index)-containing monomers 67a/b and 9a/b have been readily synthesized from the monobenzyl ester of L-glutamic acid and triamine 2 using Clauson−Kaas and amide coupling reactions. In contrast to Pyr-containing compounds 67a, and 9a, the three Cbz-containing monomers 67b, and 9b have been found electroactive and were successfully electropolymerized on a Pt electrode resulting in the deposition of corresponding insoluble electroconducting polyCOOH polyCbz-films poly(67b) and poly(9b).