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Novel Carbazole-Based Hole-Transporting Materials with Star-Shaped Chemical Structures for Perovskite-Sensitized Solar Cells

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posted on 14.10.2015, 00:00 by Min Soo Kang, Sang Do Sung, In Taek Choi, Hyoungjin Kim, MunPyo Hong, Jeongho Kim, Wan In Lee, Hwan Kyu Kim
Novel carbazole-based hole-transporting materials (HTMs), including extended π-conjugated central core units such as 1,4-phenyl, 4,4′-biphenyl, or 1,3,5-trisphenylbenzene for promoting effective π–π stacking as well as the hexyloxy flexible group for enhancing solubility in organic solvent, have been synthesized as HTM of perovskite-sensitized solar cells. A HTM with 1,3,5-trisphenylbenzene core, coded as SGT-411, exhibited the highest charge conductivity caused by its intrinsic property to form crystallized structure. The perovskite-sensitized solar cells with SGT-411 exhibited the highest PCE of 13.00%, which is 94% of that of the device derived from spiro-OMeTAD (13.76%). Time-resolved photoluminescence spectra indicate that SGT-411 shows the shortest decay time constant, which is in agreement with the trends of conductivity data, indicating it having fastest charge regeneration. In this regard, a carbazole-based HTM with star-shaped chemical structure is considered to be a promising candidate HTM.