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Nonvolatile Optically Reconfigurable Radiative Metasurface with Visible Tunability for Anticounterfeiting

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posted on 02.06.2021, 15:04 by Ziquan Xu, Hao Luo, Huanzheng Zhu, Yu Hong, Weidong Shen, Jianping Ding, Sandeep Kaur, Pintu Ghosh, Min Qiu, Qiang Li
Control of thermal emission underpins fundamental science, as it is related to both heat and infrared electromagnetic wave transport. However, realizing nonvolatile reconfigurable thermal emission is challenging due to the inherent complexity or limitation in conventional radiative materials or structures. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a nonvolatile optically reconfigurable mid-infrared coding radiative metasurface. By applying laser pulses, infrared emissive patterns are directly encoded into an ultrathin (∼25 nm) Ge2Sb2Te5 layer integrated into a planar optical cavity with the optically crystallized Ge2Sb2Te5 spots, and the peak spectral emissivity is repeatedly switched between low (∼0.1) and high (∼0.7) values. In addition, the visible scattering patterns are independently modulated with submicron-sized bumps generated by high-power laser pulses. An anticounterfeiting label is demonstrated with spatially different infrared emission and visible light scattering information encoded. This approach constitutes a new route toward thermal emission control and has broad applications in encryption, camouflage, and so on.