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Nonvolatile Balanced Ternary Memory Based on The Multiferroelectric Material GeSnTe2

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posted on 2019-11-21, 21:29 authored by Jisoo Nam, Hosik Lee, Minseong Lee, Jun Hee Lee
Modern computer technology is based on the binary logic system. However, the slowdown of its development calls for transition to multivalued logic (MVL) systems. MVL can yield a denser logic implementation on the same chip area at low cost. More information can be transmitted with the same digits over fewer interconnections, thereby reducing power dissipation. Here, we suggest a novel nonvolatile balanced ternary memory based on the multiferroelectric material GeSnTe2. Two different directions and quantities of electric polarization are found to be stable in atomic-thick two-dimensional structures. The balanced ternary data set of {−1, 0, +1} can be implemented in the two-dimensional material on the nanometer scale. One-shot read/write processes are suggested.