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Nonsaturating Linear Magnetoresistance Manifesting Two-Dimensional Transport in Wet-Chemical Patternable Bi2O2Te Thin Films

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posted on 2023-12-08, 19:09 authored by Xiaobin Zou, Ruize Wang, Mingyuan Xie, Fei Tian, Yong Sun, Chengxin Wang
Two-dimensional (2D) materials with exotic transport behaviors have attracted extensive interest in microelectronics and condensed matter physics, while scaled-up 2D thin films compatible with the efficient wet-chemical etching process represent realistic advancement toward new-generation integrated functional devices. Here, thickness-controllable growth and chemical patterning of high-quality Bi2O2Te continuous films are demonstrated. Noticeably, except for an ultrahigh mobility (∼45074 cm2 V–1 s–1 at 2 K) and obvious Shubnikov–de Hass quantum oscillations, a 2D transport channel and large linear magnetoresistance are revealed in the patterned Bi2O2Te films. Investigation implies that the linear magnetoresistance correlates with the inhomogeneity described by P. B. Littlewood’s theory and EMT-RRN theory developed recently. These results not only reveal the nonsaturating linear magnetoresistance in high-quality Bi2O2Te but shed light on understanding the corresponding physical origin of linear magnetoresistance in 2D high-mobility semiconductors and providing a pathway for the potential application in multifunctional electronic devices.