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Nonlinear-Optical Behaviors of a Chiral Metal–Organic Framework Comprised of an Unusual Multioriented Double-Helix Structure

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posted on 2018-05-18, 11:50 authored by Xiaoli Huang, Qiyang Li, Xue Xiao, Shuping Jia, Yue Li, Zhigang Duan, Lei Bai, Ze Yuan, Lin Li, Zhihua Lin, Yonggang Zhao
We present here the synthesis of one enantiomeric pair of metal–organic framework materials comprised of a unique multioriented double-helix structure from an achiral spirocenter ligand. Our study clearly shows that the chiral MOF material encompasses concurrently multiple nonlinear-optical functions in the solid state: the noncentrosymmetric structural feature brings the chiral MOF high second-harmonic-generation efficiency; the incorporation of the spirocenter ligand can efficiently produce two-photon-excited photoluminescence with a larger-action cross-sectional value.