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Nongenetic Reprogramming of the Ligand Specificity of Growth Factor Receptors by Bispecific DNA Aptamers

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posted on 2017-05-01, 00:00 authored by Ryosuke Ueki, Saki Atsuta, Ayaka Ueki, Shinsuke Sando
The reprogramming of receptor–ligand interactions affords an opportunity to direct cells to respond to user-defined external cues. Although this has often been achieved via the genetic engineering of receptors, an alternative, nongenetic approach is highly demanded. In this article, we propose the design of oligonucleotide-based synthetic switches that feature the ability to reprogram the ligand specificity of the growth factor receptor. We demonstrated that our synthetic switches induced growth factor signaling via the formation of the dynamic complex with specific external cues that would otherwise not induce the signaling. This chemical approach may be applied to designing a new class of chemical tools that can control the activities of native cells and represent smart and safer regenerative drugs.