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Non-Hygroscopic, Self-Absorption Free, and Efficient 1D CsCu2I3 Perovskite Single Crystal for Radiation Detection

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posted on 03.03.2021, 15:34 by Shuangliang Cheng, Alena Beitlerova, Romana Kucerkova, Eva Mihokova, Martin Nikl, Zhengyang Zhou, Guohao Ren, Yuntao Wu
A novel all-inorganic CsCu2I3 single-crystalline perovskite as a nonhygroscopic and efficient X-ray and γ-ray scintillator is described herein. It is featured by a one-dimensional (1D) perovskite structure with an orthorhombic system and a space group of Cmcm. The CsCu2I3 crystal emits yellow light peaking at 570 nm originated from strongly localized 1D exciton emission. It appears self-absorption free because of the large Stokes shift of 1.54 eV. The photophysics process of the self-trapped exciton was studied using temperature dependent photoluminescene spectra and decay kinetics measurements. The CsCu2I3 crystal exhibits an extremely low afterglow level of 0.008% at 10 ms under X-ray excitation. Under 137Cs γ-ray irradiation, its light yield is 16 000 photons/MeV with an energy resolution of 7.8% at 662 keV.