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Non-Deprotonative Primary and Secondary Amination of (Hetero)Arylmetals

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posted on 22.12.2016, 00:00 by Zhe Zhou, Zhiwei Ma, Nicole Erin Behnke, Hongyin Gao, László Kürti
Herein we disclose a novel method for the facile transfer of primary (−NH2) and secondary amino groups (−NHR) to heteroaryl- as well as arylcuprates at low temperature without the need for precious metal catalysts, ligands, excess reagents, protecting and/or directing groups. This one-pot transformation allows unprecedented functional group tolerance and it is well-suited for the amination of electron-rich, electron-deficient as well as structurally complex (hetero)­arylmetals. In some of the cases, only catalytic amounts of a copper­(I) salt is required.