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Nitrogen-Doped MoS2/Ti3C2TX Heterostructures as Ultra-Efficient Alkaline HER Electrocatalysts

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posted on 2021-06-16, 17:43 authored by Dong Liu, Zepeng Lv, Jie Dang, Wansen Ma, Kailiang Jian, Meng Wang, Dejun Huang, Weiqian Tian
Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is intrinsically inert for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in alkaline media due to its electronic structures. Herein, we tune the electronic structures of MoS2 by a combined strategy of post-N doping coupled with the synergistic effect of Ti3C2TX. The as-prepared N-doped MoS2/Ti3C2TX heterostructures show remarkable alkaline HER activity with an overpotential of 225 mV at 140 mA cm–2, which ranks the N-doped MoS2/Ti3C2TX heterostructures among the best MoS2/MXene-based electrocatalysts reported for alkaline HER. The first-principles calculations indicate that the N doping can enhance the activation of nearby S sites of MoS2/Ti3C2TX and thus promote the HER process. This strategy provides a promising way to develop high-efficiency MoS2/MXene heterostructure catalysts for alkaline HER.