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Nitric Oxide Nanomotor Driving Exosomes-Loaded Microneedles for Achilles Tendinopathy Healing

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posted on 2021-07-29, 17:39 authored by Anlong Liu, Qi Wang, Zinan Zhao, Rui Wu, Maochun Wang, Jiawei Li, Kuoyang Sun, Ziying Sun, Zhongyang Lv, Jia Xu, Huiming Jiang, Mimi Wan, Dongquan Shi, Chun Mao
The microneedle (MN) provides a promising strategy for transdermal delivery of exosomes (EXO), in which the therapeutic effects and clinical applications are greatly reduced by the fact that EXO can only partially reach the injury site by passive diffusion. Here, we designed a detachable MN array to deliver EXO modified by a nitric oxide nanomotor (EXO/MBA) for Achilles tendinopathy (AT) healing. With the releasing of EXO/MBA, l-arginine was converted to nitric oxide by NOS or ROS as the driving force. Benefiting from the motion ability and the property of MPC tending to lower pH, EXO could accumulate at the injury site more efficiently. This work demonstrated that EXO/MBA-loaded MN notably suppressed the inflammation of AT, facilitated the proliferation of tendon cells, increased the expression of Col1a, and prevented extracellular matrix degradation, indicating its potential value in enthesiopathy healing and other related biomedical fields.