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Nile Red Nucleoside:  Design of a Solvatofluorochromic Nucleoside as an Indicator of Micropolarity around DNA

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posted on 28.04.2006, 00:00 by Akimitsu Okamoto, Kazuki Tainaka, Yoshimasa Fujiwara
The fluorophore, Nile Red, effectively works as a polarity-sensitive fluorescence probe. We have designed a new nucleoside modified by Nile Red for examining the change in the polarity of the microenvironment surrounding DNA. We synthesized a Nile Red nucleoside (1), formed by replacing nucleobases with Nile Red, through the coupling of a 2-hydroxylated Nile Red derivative and 1,2-dideoxyglycan. This nucleoside showed a high solvatofluorochromicity. The fluorescence of 1 incorporated into DNA was greatly shifted to shorter wavelength by the addition of β-cyclodextrin. The photophysical function of the Nile Red nucleoside will be a good optical indicator for monitoring the change in the micropolarity properties at a specific site on target sequences with interaction between DNA and DNA-binding molecules.