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Ni-Catalyzed C–H Cyanation of (Hetero)arenes with 2‑Cyanoisothiazolidine 1,1-Dioxide as a Cyanation Reagent

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posted on 01.04.2021, 10:18 by Junjie Ma, Hao Liu, Xin He, Zhicheng Chen, Yue Liu, Chuanfu Hou, Zhizhong Sun, Wenyi Chu
A nickel-catalyzed C–H cyanation reaction of arenes has been developed using 2-cyanoisothiazolidine 1,1-dioxide as an electrophilic cyanation reagent. Many different directing groups can be used in this cyanation to obtain a series of cyanation products with good yields. Adopting this strategy to introduce a cyano group, natural alkaloid menisporphine was successfully synthesized through cyano group conversion that further proved the practicality of this cyanation method.