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New Monocyclopentadienyl Complexes of Tantalum with Dithiolate Ligands. Crystal and Molecular Structures of Cp*TaCl2(SCH2CH2)2S, Cp*TaMe2(SCH2CH2)2O, Cp*TaMe2(SCH2CH2)2S, and Cp*Ta(xylylNC(Me)2CNxylyl)(SCH2CH2)2O (Cp* = η5-C5Me5)

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journal contribution
posted on 04.11.2000, 00:00 by Rosa Fandos, Carolina Hernández, Isabel López-Solera, Antonio Otero, Ana Rodríguez, Maria José Ruiz, Pilar Terreros
Cp*TaCl4 reacts with X(CH2CH2SH)2 in the presence of NEt3 to yield the corresponding thiolate complexes Cp*TaCl2(SCH2CH2)2X (X = O (1), S (2)). The crystal structure of complex 2 has been determined by X-ray diffraction. The tantalum methyl complex Cp*TaMe4 reacts with X(CH2CH2SH)2, rendering Cp*TaMe2(SCH2CH2)2X (X = O (3), S (4)). They have both been characterized by X-ray diffraction methods. Complex 3 reacts with xylylisocyanide to yield the imine complex Cp*Ta(η2-xylylNCMe2)(SCH2CH2)2O (6), which undergoes insertion of a second isocyanide molecule to yield an η1-iminoacyl-containing azatantalacyclobutane compound Cp*Ta(xylylNC(Me)2CN(xylyl)(SCH2CH2)2O (5), whose structure has been also determined by X-ray diffraction.