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New Insights into the Electronic Transport of Reduced Graphene Oxide Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

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posted on 2015-12-17, 06:08 authored by Tiphaine Bourgeteau, Steven Le Vot, Michael Bertucchi, Vincent Derycke, Bruno Jousselme, Stéphane Campidelli, Renaud Cornut
The present work investigates the electronic conduction of reduced graphene oxide flakes and the coupling between flakes through a combined SECM (scanning electrochemical microscopy), AFM, and SEM analysis. Images of individual and interconnected flakes directly reveal the signature of the contact resistance between flakes in a noncontact and substrate-independent way. Quantitative evaluation of the parameters is achieved with the support of numerical simulations to interpret the experimental results. The interflakes contact resistance importantly impacts the transport of electrons, which can be anticipated as a key parameter in r-GO-based materials used in fuel cells, lithium batteries, supercapacitors, and organic electronic devices.