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New Approach for the Step by Step Control of Magnetic Nanostructure Functionalization

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posted on 02.09.2014, 00:00 by P. Riani, M. A. Lucchini, S. Thea, M. Alloisio, G. Bertoni, F. Canepa
This paper describes the synthesis, functionalization, and multitechnique analysis of magnetic nanoparticles. The synthetic method involves the covering of a magnetite nucleus by a silica layer and the further functionalization with different fluorophores via a cross-linker molecule. All synthetic intermediates were analyzed by fluorescence spectroscopy and AC magnetic susceptibility. For one of the considered molecules, a further investigation with STEM, EDXS, and DLS has been conducted in order to validate the proposed magnetic results. The comparison between the two techniques is used to ensure a complete characterization of the product confirming the success of the synthesis. By comparing the magnetic and the fluorescence measurements, we also demonstrate the effectiveness of AC susceptibility as a robust and versatile technique to follow the synthesis of complex magnetic nanostructures regardless of the nature of the functionalization.