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Narrowband Midinfrared Reflectance Filters Using Guided Mode Resonance

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posted on 01.07.2010, 00:00 by Anil K. Kodali, Matthew Schulmerich, Jason Ip, Gary Yen, Brian T. Cunningham, Rohit Bhargava
There is a need to develop mid-infrared (IR) spectrometers for applications in which the absorbance of only a few vibrational mode (optical) frequencies needs to be recorded; unfortunately, there are limited alternatives for the same. The key requirement is the development of a means to discretely access a small set of spectral positions from the wideband thermal sources commonly used for spectroscopy. We present here the theory, design, and practical realization of a new class of filters in the mid-infrared (IR) spectral regions based on using guided mode resonances (GMR) for narrowband optical reflection. A simple, periodic surface-relief configuration is chosen to enable both a spectral response and facile fabrication. A theoretical model based on rigorous coupled wave analysis is developed, incorporating anomalous dispersion of filter materials in the mid-IR spectral region. As a proof-of-principle demonstration, a set of four filters for a spectral region around the C−H stretching mode (2600−3000 cm−1) are fabricated and responses compared to theory. The reflectance spectra were well-predicted by the developed theory and results were found to be sensitive to the angle of incidence and dispersion characteristics of the material. In summary, the work reported here forms the basis for a rational design of filters that can prove useful for IR absorption spectroscopy.