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Narrow-Band Emitting Solid Fluorescence Reference Standard with Certified Intensity Pattern

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posted on 21.07.2015, 00:00 by Katrin Hoffmann, Monika Spieles, Wolfram Bremser, Ute Resch-Genger
The development of a lanthanum-phosphate glass doped with several rare-earth-ions for use as solid fluorescence standard is described. The cuvette-shaped reference material which shows a characteristic emission intensity pattern upon excitation at 365 nm consisting of a multitude of relatively narrow emission bands in the wavelength region between 450 and 700 nm is intended for the day-to-day performance validation of fluorescence measuring devices. Evaluation of the fluorescent glass includes the determination of all properties which can affect its relative emission intensity profile or contribute to the uncertainty of the certified values like absorption spectra, fluorescence anisotropy, excitation wavelength, and temperature dependence of the spectroscopic features, homogeneity of fluorophore distribution, and photo- and long-term stability. Moreover, a certification procedure was developed including the normalization of the intensity profile consisting of several narrow emission bands and the calculation of wavelength-dependent uncertainties. Criteria for the design, characterization, and working principle of the new reference material BAM-F012 are presented, and possible applications of this ready-to-use fluorescence standard are discussed.