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Naphthochromenes and Related Constituents from the Tubers of Sinningia allagophylla

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posted on 04.04.2016, 17:05 by Dilamara R. Scharf, Maria H. Verdan, Marcos A. Ribeiro, Edesio L. Simionatto, Eduardo L. Sá, Marcos J. Salvador, Andersson Barison, Maria E. A. Stefanello
Chemical investigation of the tubers of Sinningia allagophylla led to the isolation of two new chromenes, (2S)-12-hydroxylapachenole (1) and (3R)-3,4-dihydro-3-hydroxy-4-oxo-8-methoxylapachenole (2), and three new dimeric chromenes, allagophylldimers A–C (35). Thirteen known compounds, 6-methoxy-7,8-benzocoumarin (6), lapachenole, 8-methoxylapachenole, tectoquinone, 7-hydroxytectoquinone, dunniol, α-dunnione, dunnione, 8-hydroxydunnione, aggregatin E, cedrol, oleanolic acid, and halleridone, were also identified. 6-Methoxy-7,8-benzocoumarin (6) has been isolated for the first time from a natural source.