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Nanowire Probes for High Resolution Combined Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy − Atomic Force Microscopy

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posted on 13.04.2005, 00:00 authored by David P. Burt, Neil R. Wilson, John M. R. Weaver, Phillip S. Dobson, Julie V. Macpherson
We describe a method for the production of nanoelectrodes at the apex of atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes. The nanoelectrodes are formed from single-walled carbon nanotube AFM tips which act as the template for the formation of nanowire tips through sputter coating with metal. Subsequent deposition of a conformal insulating coating, and cutting of the probe end, yields a disk-shaped nanoelectrode at the AFM tip apex whose diameter is defined by the amount of metal deposited. We demonstrate that these probes are capable of high-resolution combined electrochemical and topographical imaging. The flexibility of this approach will allow the fabrication of nanoelectrodes of controllable size and composition, enabling the study of electrochemical activity at the nanoscale.