Nanotechnology for COVID-19: Therapeutics and Vaccine Research

The current global health threat by the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) requires an urgent deployment of advanced therapeutic options available. The role of nanotechnology is highly relevant to counter this “virus” nano enemy. Nano intervention is discussed in terms of designing effective nanocarriers to counter the conventional limitations of antiviral and biological therapeutics. This strategy directs the safe and effective delivery of available therapeutic options using engineered nanocarriers, blocking the initial interactions of viral spike glycoprotein with host cell surface receptors, and disruption of virion construction. Controlling and eliminating the spread and reoccurrence of this pandemic demands a safe and effective vaccine strategy. Nanocarriers have potential to design risk-free and effective immunization strategies for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 vaccine candidates such as protein constructs and nucleic acids. We discuss recent as well as ongoing nanotechnology-based therapeutic and prophylactic strategies to fight against this pandemic, outlining the key areas for nanoscientists to step in.