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Nanoscale Density Fluctuations in Ionic Liquid Binary Mixtures with Nonamphiphilic Compounds: First Experimental Evidence

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posted on 22.09.2016, 00:00 by Alessandro Mariani, Rajeev Dattani, Ruggero Caminiti, Lorenzo Gontrani
A complex mesoscopic organization is observed in systems containing ethylammonium nitrate (EAN) and two nonamphiphilic compounds, using wide and small angle X-ray scattering and molecular dynamics simulations. The macroscopically homogeneous mixtures exhibit a separation where an ionic liquid-rich region is percolating a molecular liquid-rich one, but no unmixing is observed. This effect was already reported in EAN–alcohol mixtures, but the models proposed so far cannot explain this behavior for a nonamphiphilic compound.